All of Intelliprint product and service solutions add value in every corner of the marketplace.


Print Management and Document Image Repository

Intelliprint Solutions provides specialized Print Management Services for the Healthcare Industry. Using a combination of state-of-the-art digital printing and technology-enabled solutions, our healthcare customer’s costs for printing procurement and obsolescence are dramatically reduced or eliminated. Our online ordering and production system is used to manage every single printed product used within the entire health system. Typical document image repositories house over 10,000 items per hospital. Intelliprint maintains the repository, provides an online ordering system and delivers finished printed materials to the desk of the healthcare employee.

GPO Contract Participation

Intelliprint supports the major national and regional Healthcare industry GPO contracts with our affiliation with the highly respected organization, IBSA – International Business Solutions Alliance. IBSA members are independent business solutions providers who are carefully screened by the selection committee to ensure quality, professionalism and financial stability. As one of 130 affiliates located throughout the United States, Intelliprint is noted for an above average rating with more than 20 years of experience in the document management industry. IBSA has formed strategic partnerships with more than 110 high quality suppliers across the country. By concentrating our buying power within this select pool; IBSA affiliates are able to secure the most competitive pricing in the healthcare industry. IBSA is constantly growing and looking for innovative companies to add to our alliance. As a result, Intelliprint has the ability to quickly adapt to healthcare industry changes and customer needs.

Paperless Medical Records

The Intelliprint solution eliminates the endless wasted hours your office staff spends looking for, and through, patient files for needed information and documentation. Are you hesitant to implement an Electronic Medical Records system? Our Electronic Content Management can save you up to 80% over EMR programs! Or if you currently have an EMR system in place and would still like to be paperless and save money, please contact Intelliprint Solutions for more information.

Intelliprint Paperless Medical Records solution provides the following:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Realized reduction in Labor costs for retrieval and refilling of medical records
  • Immediate access to images
  • Bar-coding, for easy routing and filing of documents
  • Simple indexing so you can add or save a document quickly and efficiently
  • Easy-to-use full text search functionality, including “fuzzy” search logic (Helps to find documents even when a word or words have been typed incorrectly)
  • Storage and Scan on demand in temperature controlled environment
  • Inventory Control
Financial / Banking

Intelliprint Solutions excels in the role as our financial client’s business print production partner. Using a combination of state-of-the-art printing and technology-enabled solutions, our financial customer’s costs for printing procurement and obsolescence are dramatically reduced or eliminated. From large banking corporations with multi-state footprints to smaller regional institutions, all of our solutions for our financial customers are tailored to the exact process and production needs of the organization.

One area for the banking industry that Intelliprint Solutions has consistently exceeded expectations is with the ordering, production and delivery solutions for Item Processing products. Item Processing products, offered and supported by Intelliprint or one of our business alliances, are in use for over 610 Banks nationwide. Last year alone, the hosted online ordering system captured 106,000 individual MICR orders.

The essential requirements for providing Item Processing products are OCR/MICR scanning accuracy with low-cost and efficient procurement from Bank employees. Online document ordering and production programs are essential to the efficient business flow of financial institutions.

Manufacturing / Labeling

Labeling Solutions

The latest trends and the newest innovations

  • Pressure Sensitive, Cut and Stack, or Shrink Sleeves
  • Short run digital or long run offset
  • Coated & uncoated wet strength
  • 100% recycled and metalized papers
  • Embossing and die cutting

Wine, Spirits & Craft Beer Labels

Use unique materials to set your brand apart

The craft beer and wine industries are bursting at the seams with new breweries and vineyards opening every day. And we are supplying them with creative labels as special as their offerings.

Clear labels and metallic face stocks can give your labels a unique look that helps your product get noticed. Plus, it adds implied value because the label looks so good!

Food & Beverage Labels

Make your brand stand out from the crowd

A good-looking product label on your package gives you the flexibility to tell your story and to entice customers to try your product. We have created labels for all types of food packaging including pouches, clamshells, glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, boxes and more.

Associations / Insurance

Intelliprint Solutions is a premier provider of union and non-union printing and communication solutions to Labor Unions and Associations in our central PA community. From the initial design creation to the production of the final product, Intelliprint Solutions and its union suppliers put the highest level of focus and commitment to each program requirement.

Here is a list of just a few of the products supported by Intelliprint:

  • Membership Cards
  • Brochures and Stationery
  • Direct Mail
  • Promotional Products

  • Campaign Materials
  • Signs and Banners
  • Labels
  • Kitting, Warehousing and Fulfillment

Union Bug* Union bug is available on all printed products